Remember Me

Remember Me

Do not forget the love that we shared.
Do not forget how you
shaped my heart and healed my wounds.
I shall not forget how you filled
my empty life with such living,
If you promise not to forget
the scent of my perfume on your pillow.

When Love Isn’t Enough

Open Highway

To be honest, future love can never compete with present love – because when we are presently in love, we refuse to believe that life (or any love thereafter) could be any better than the person whose hand we are holding at this very moment.


Soul Mates

We were strangers,
blurry passengers of the night.
We craved the sea,
but were tied to the city.
We drifted in an ocean of cement,
Never knowing my eyes were made for you.


It’s our lip-stained secrets that are exchanged in hush tones.
It’s the stares from across the room – primal, yet tender.
It’s the chill that sits in the core of my spine whenever you whisper my name.

His Laughter

The Sea

I had carried a tune of melancholy,
With salty lips and salty eyes,
I bobbed – a sinking ship,
But that sound anchored me.
And I wanted to remain tethered to it for eternity.


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