2016: The Return of the Clintons?

As of today, Hillary Clinton has not announced that she will run in the 2016 presidential elections. As of yesterday however, Clinton announced that she will be delivering some upcoming policy speeches, which has raised questions as well as eyebrows. Is this all in preparation for a plan to come back to the White House? I personally hope so.

Her remarks in yesterday’s speech were something akin to what a presidential candidate might say. Although I don’t have the certainty that the Weiner couple claims to have, I can still speculate. And hope. She addressed the American Bar Association in San Francisco where she criticized some of the Republican-supported voter ID laws, specifically efforts to roll back the Voting Rights Act. These efforts, she stated, limit minority voters’ access to polls. She even went so far as to say that racial discrimination is still very much a problem in this country (which it most certainly is). Funny how those disenfranchised by the Supreme Court’s June ruling as well as the Republican-backed efforts are the very ones that would most likely support a more liberal stance. And funny how minorities are beginning to make up the majority of the American population. I’ll just leave alone (for now) how some conservative leaders are simply isolating their party from how many Americans (including some that identify as Republicans) think. Although I have mentioned it before.

If Clinton secretly is looking towards the election, this would be the way to go about it. Releasing a memoir next year, hosting fundraisers, the upcoming policy speeches, and even her January 2013 60 Minutes interview with current President Barack Obama are the perfect way to keep her in the limelight. They illustrate that she is passionate about the issues that matter to citizens and she is more than willing to publicly speak and debate about them. Props for keeping it relevant, Hil.

The former Secretary of State urged Congress to create and pass legislation that does not restrict voter rights. If there is the potential for voter discrimination within a democratic government (aka a government that is supposedly for the people, by the people – and that means all people – none of this three-fifths compromise bullshit nonsense), then we have a serious problem. And Hillary, if you’re looking for someone to help you out with these efforts, I’m your girl. I’m loud, passionate about politics, and all that’s left is to get elected in to Congress. Easy, peasy, lemon-squeezy.

Yet one of the most important things to keep in mind as Clinton builds her potential campaign is the message she will deliver to citizens and our leaders in government. Although she has, at times, been at the heart of controversy (and just to be clear, I’m referring to the Benghazi attacks, not Bill and Monica), she has always been upfront. During the Arab Spring protests in 2011, Clinton even admitted that while she led our country’s response to this foreign policy crisis, it was contradictory as the support for certain countries fluctuated back and forth. Yet throughout her tenure, she remained the most popular official in the Obama administration (receiving higher ratings than both Obama and Biden). As recently as June 2013, Clinton still enjoys a 58% favorability rating, and my hope is that rating steadily rises above 60% again (as it was in April 2013) as she continues to involve herself more and more in the political realm.

Although it remains to be seen what Hillary Clinton will do in terms of the presidency, myself as well as many other Americans already believe she would make a great candidate and a strong president. And just as Barack Obama made history as the first half African American president, Clinton too would make history as our nation’s first female president. And no, there’s no half to be had there. And in the meantime, all we can do is continue to monitor her activities like the crazed nation of stalkers we are. And you can bet that when if she announces her candidacy, I will be the first to get involved and one of the many who support it.

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