Sister, Sister

For my sister who is leaving for Italy in a couple of days. I’ll be seeing you by the end of this year, sis. Until then, I’ll be missing you.

I was three years old when you arrived. I still remember sitting in that oversized, itchy fabric blue chair in the hospital, holding you. Wrapped up in a white blanket, I was in awe of how tiny you were. Your pink cheeks matched the Gymboree jump suit I had on.

Although we are only three and a half years apart, we bickered and argued and fought a hell of a lot as little kids. You wanted that pillow shaped like an oversized dog, but I was using it – why should you get it just because you are younger and cuter? You were the brunt of countless glares, name-calling contests, and even the occasional punch, hit, or slap. We used to love terrorizing each other, and we probably drove our poor grandparents that had to babysit us every day crazy. But you were still the girl I shared a bedroom with for years. The one that would steal our Beauty and the Beast comforter from my side of the bed and caterpillar yourself into a cocoon. You’re the only person that, to this day, after all these years, I can look at and utter the words “roast chicken” and you’ll laugh because you remember that night we stayed up until 11 pm as little kids where we must have been high on crack or something because we could not stop laughing at those three syllables.

I remember how scared I was when you had to be taken to the hospital at two years old. You had been running and short little you had caught the corner of your eyelid on the sharp edge of that table at Papa and Grams’ house – I know the doctors had to hold you down in a straight jacket to fix that wound, and even at two, you were a fighter. You were so strong you wiggled straight out of that straight jacket. What on earth is a straight jacket anyway, my five-year-old self continued to think as I waited to hear back on how my baby sister was doing.

You ended up being fine, but I knew you would be. You’ve always been the toughest person I know. You may be younger, but you have taught me how to be strong. You have been my protector. There has been so many times where I have thought I should be the younger sibling in our friendship. You’ve always been the brave one, the independent one, the beautiful one.

I was the one that would fix your hair, the one that would obsess over The Lizzie McGuire Movie with you, the one that could love and hate you all at once. But no matter what, we have always been there for each other. You have always looked out for me. To this day, you’ll tell me I’m too nice for my own good. And Mom has always said that we’d be the perfect person if we could combine our personalities. Although we’ve always had polar opposite personalities, you are and always will be my best friend. I’m the sister that is way too loud, the weird one that never cared if I needed to pee while you were in the shower (in the same bathroom), the older sis that still acts like I’m ten years old at times. And you’re the sister that watches out for me. You’ll sit back and laugh at me while I dance around the living room – and the only time you’ll join in is if we are listening to One Direction, Hot Chelle Rae’s I Like It Like That, and as of last night, Emblem3’s Chloe. I’m more carefree, you’re more reserved. You’re the quiet calm that has held me together through break ups, fights with our parents, and the keeper of my most intimate secrets.

Although we grew up fighting, we rarely argue anymore. My friendship with you is something I know I will have and cherish for the rest of forever. Ain’t nothing gonna break our stride, sissy. When we were younger, I viewed you as just my sister. I was the DJ to your Stephanie. I simply thought you looked up to me, and I just had to put up with your annoying antics when you wanted to be included in every single thing. And now I want to include you in everything. We grew into a friendship that is all our own. I want to double date with you, I want to take road trips with you, I want to sit there for hours and have everyone think we are the strangest beings on earth as we quote One Tree Hill, Save the Last Dance, She’s the Man, and 21 Jump Street. I just heard, “clearly I wasn’t talking to you, big titties!” in my head and now I know we have to, have to, have to, watch that movie once you return to the states.

I’ve shared 20 Christmases with you, countless birthdays, a shit ton of car rides (in which, before either of us could drive, would argue who would get shot gun), and millions upon billions upon gazillions of memories that only sisters can share. There were numerous times I had the fleeting thought of how wonderful it would be to be an only child, but those times don’t even compare to the number of times I have been so thankful to have a sister. Probably the only person in this universe that shares a little part of my soul. That gets me inside and out.

I hope you get everything you want and more while you’re in Europe. You deserve it. You deserve to discover the freedoms and the wonders that this world has to offer. I only wish I could count as your carry on item so I could come on this adventure with you. But I guess if you share a little part of my soul, then I share a little part of your soul as well, so I’ll be there in spirit, soul sister. But because spirit just won’t cut it for me, you better Skype and What’sApp me, betch. I’ll be seeing you in four short months. Have the best time, learn and experience everything, but don’t you dare let Europe change your amazingness and your wonderfulness. Because you have and always will be an amazing and wonderful sister. And an amazing and wonderful friend. So to my best friend, I’ll miss you, and I love you.

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