The 2013 VMAs

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake

This year’s Video Music Awards is one that will forever be historic in my heart. And there is one reason why: Justin Timberlake. And *NSync. So make that two reasons.

Yes, the show started off with Lady Guh-ga’s performance of Applause, and then the entire audience – in the Barclays Center and those watching from our couches – all had a beautiful and united moment of “what the fuck?” as Miley Cyrus dry humped a foam finger and attempted twerking against Robin Thicke.

After a quick therapy session and a much needed creation of a Vine reaction, all my dreams came true. I heard the sounds of Take Back The Night begin to play and I just knew. My future husband was taking the stage. I’ve loved him for over fifteen years, J. Biel. I know you can’t say the same. In the end, my love will win out the day. Since his days in *NSync, Justin Timberlake has continually put out heart-stopping, all around amazing performances.

But apart from being an amazing artist, songwriter, dancer, performer, and notorious for showing us Janet Jackson’s breast, JT is an extremely intelligent businessman. With a net worth of over $80 million, he has invested in restaurants around the country, created his own brand of tequila, launched a clothing line, and has endorsed numerous products from Givenchy to MySpace. He is a man that has mastered the art of branding oneself. And branding oneself in the best way. Thoughts associated with Timberlake are not just focused on his incredible sex appeal, but he is also associated with professionalism, high class, and high quality. Hence why his six year hiatus from music eventually brought us The 20/20 Experience, an album that sold 968,000 copies in its first week alone. And it’s already become one of my all-time favorite albums. Please ignore my already inherent bias of JT being one of my all-time favorite artists. But I’ll be there to say “I told you so” when he picks up his Grammys. Yes, that’s plural. That’s how much confidence I have in my man. A girl can dream, right?

Continuing with his performance and continuing with my screams and cries of pure ecstatic joy, the guitar began to play the introduction to Girlfriend. And then I became, what my real life boyfriend calls, a twelve-year-old girl. *NSync happened to be the main boy band I listened to during the 90s and early 2000s. I remember waiting outside of Target before it opened the day their album Celebrity was released. I saw them in concert over five times. My mother even spoiled me by taking my cousins, sister, and me to one of the concerts in a limo. I was a part of their fan club, downloaded thousands of pictures of those five guys onto our family computer, and pretty much took the image of an obsessed tween to the next level. It was a thrill to see them all perform together, although I was greatly disappointed that their performance lasted only two minutes tops, but beggars can’t be choosers, I guess. Either way, nostalgia hit hard tonight, and I was taken back to being a carefree kid where I spent my time memorizing the choreography to Bye, Bye, Bye. Wait…that was just yesterday…

And again, at the risk of sounding completely biased, I basically stopped paying attention to the awards after JT wrapped up his 15 minute performance and instead, put my DVR to use and continually rewound JT and *NSync. I guess I really am still a twelve-year-old girl at heart. Welcome to my *NSync/JT kingdom fandom. It’s a beautiful place to be. Now all that’s left is to get those five to go on a reunion tour. And that’s a dream I’ll be keeping alive as long as my love for that boy band and that beautiful man continues. And as The Bangles so eloquently state, this love is burning an eternal flame.

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