Let My Love Open the Door

Will and Mack

No matter what you say, I am going to be in love with you for the rest of my life. There’s no way out of that. It’s just a physical law of the universe. You own me. No matter what you say I will never stop.
– Will McAvoy, The Newsroom

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

That (that being the title of this post) was the song that played throughout the last five minutes of last night’s season finale of The Newsroom. And boy, did we feel the love. Election Night: Part 2 was probably one of the happiest season finales I’ve ever seen on television. So much so that it even got me to tear up and let out a few squeals (of happiness). As a two-parter, the episode began in the middle of ACN’s coverage of election night 2012 (and for those of you that are a little slow on the uptake, Obama wins, Romney loses. The end). The biggest rush, though, was seeing Will run around with a $250,000 diamond ring in hand, all in search of Mack. And when he finally found her, the sap in me let out the biggest sigh of relief as he confessed his love and she accepted his marriage proposal (and then proceeded to rewatch the scene a few more times). And then they finally kissed. Fin-al-ly. Then there was Don performing a sweet gesture for Sloan, only to have Sloan return the kind gesture with a kiss, which was just as wonderful because who doesn’t want those two characters together? Lisa and Maggie renewed their friendship thanks to Jim. And hey, no one is resigning! So it was just a win-win-win-win-win episode all around. And I know so many people criticize this show because of the “soap opera”-esque romantic side stories and the fact that Sorkin actually focuses on a human aspect also known as personal problems, but what kind of show would it be if it didn’t have any personal aspect to it? Would we really be watching if there wasn’t anything we could relate to, anything or anyone to root for? Get off the hatorade, people.

Yet there was so much glee in that one episode that it actually caused me to worry. Most season finales are dramatic, they leave us with cliffhangers, where we simply can’t believe that the season is over and we have to wait almost a year to find out what happens, how the situation resolves itself, who died, who lived, etc., etc. But creator and writer Aaron Sorkin gave everything to us neat and tidy, wrapped up in a pretty pink bow so that this season finale seemed eerily like a series finale.

A few weeks ago, Jeff Daniels (who plays my beloved Will McAvoy) tweeted that The Newsroom was being renewed for a third season…prior to Sorkin actually signing on for it. Was Sorkin trying to send us a message that The Newsroom won’t be back for another season? If so, not only will I cry, but I know so many others will be disappointed, too. The Newsroom has received its fair amount of negative criticism, but frankly, everyone I know that watches the show absolutely loves it. And not the kind of love you find in a love-hate relationship – this is just pure and unadulterated love. Rumor has it that Sorkin may be too busy with other projects, but I’ll just remind him – and the other “haters” of the show that The Newsroom rakes in over 2.2 million viewers. That’s more than everyone’s beloved Breaking Bad – a show that, gasp, I have yet to watch. And probably won’t, to be completely honest. In its first run, The Newsroom also gained the highest ratings for HBO, so those of you that may love to “hate-watch” the show, deep down, I think you just probably love to watch the show. Period.

The critics of the show overall, including last night’s season finale, say that Sorkin’s work is filled with too many speeches of what journalism should be, and apparently, Americans don’t like being told that they are stupid. But newsflash America, most of us are fairly stupid. Most of us watch or read only one news source (some watch and read none), but either way, many of us formulate our opinions based on one source. And we believe everything we read from that one source. And because we have the ability to be semi-close-minded like that, we do, in fact, have the potential to be very stupid. Exhibit A: The reaction to the winner of the Miss American pageant. No, I did not watch it, but at least I know the difference between Indian and Arab.

Maybe people just don’t like The Newsroom because it gives them a nasty wakeup call – sure, Sorkin writes about the idealistic virtues of journalism, but what’s so wrong with that? Just about everything that is “proclaimed” and “preached” about on the show is true. From what Will says about the Tea Party to Sloan Sabbith’s facts on economics, they’re not preaching – they’re stating a reality. And I guess for some, the truth hurts.

Either way, I am a huge fan of this show – it not only covers my dream career, but I am also greatly attached to the characters. I don’t “hate-watch”, I “love-watch”. And I love everything from the personal stories to the news stories. And my greatest hope is that the ratings and the fans will be enough for Sorkin to sign on and for HBO to pick The Newsroom up for its third season.


  1. Rich Sanfillipo says:

    On to season 3! Great show. Love the writing

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