I Want To Get Away With You

Won’t you take me by the hand, take me somewhere new?
– Avril Lavigne, I’m With You

I want to leave. Uproot myself. Start fresh. Begin anew. In some far off land, some distant place, where you’re the only person I know – our two hearts will create a new life in some beautiful corner of the world. We will conquer it. Make it ours. And turn our lives upside down in the best way possible.

Please come with me. I’m so bored. So restless. Stuck in neutral – in numb, in an office setting where all I hear are the sounds of keyboard strokes and long sighs. When what I yearn for is to wake up every morning and hear the sound of your voice, the waves, the wind, some semblance of nature that will take me away from these walls of plaster and psych ward-white paint.

My life is so much of the same lately. I miss spontaneity. I miss feeling your scruff scratch against the back of my neck as you curl up against me. Those two hearts, beating together, loving together, existing together, building out a life together.

Say you’ll come with me. Wherever I go. Take me back to the nights in New York, where I felt an undeniable sense of freedom, where I finally mastered how to use chopsticks as we ate sushi at 2 a.m., where no one knew my name, except you. And it was thrilling, it was like I felt a certain kind of magic infused back into my life. I needed it then, and I definitely need it now.

I want to quit my job, take a risk, feel the rush, and start a day not knowing how I will end it. I hate that my life has become so monotonous lately. I never thought I would reach a point where I would feel this way – at least not in my twenties. So we can sit here and invent a multitude of reasons why we shouldn’t leave – we have bills, families, careers to pursue – but you and me, we’ve also got dreams to pursue. And life’s not one to wait around. For anyone.

Whether it’s here in America, over in Europe, or down under in Australia, I want you to hold my hand as we run, drive, skip, or walk down an open road. A stretch of land that is unmarked by buildings, where we can find the innocence of the earth, true beauty in its purest form. And we’ll kiss in the middle of nowhere and nothing, but I will feel so incredibly alive. My mind will be freed of those walls and the humdrum of office life – I won’t worry about finances, a career, even our families – because I will be with you. You. The man who has my heart – who is my heart.

I always feel a sense of love when I am with you, but now I want to feel a sense of wonder. I want to cure this wanderlust that has been plaguing me for months now. I want to meet strangers in France, sit on a rooftop in Rome, wander through the ruins in Delphi, down a glass of champagne on a light-strung cobblestoned street in Venice while our arms are locked and we are giggling in our attempts to walk in a straight line. I want to create a memory – or memories – of us walking through the rain in London, admiring the accents in Dublin, and cherishing each and every place we visit because this is it. This is the way the world was meant to be seen – freely, shamelessly, boldly.

We don’t need maps, we don’t always need money, and we don’t always need to know the language. We will try new things, share new experiences, and it will be a free fall kind of exhilarating. We will curl up in a small room at night, and awake to a day where the possibilities are literally endless.

So let’s become nomads, let’s leave that life of an office, of traffic and commutes and terrible drivers, and errands and chores and a never-ending list of tasks – let’s just leave it all behind. It will be more than just an escape – it will be living on our own terms. Let’s be unnormal, let’s do what we want when we want with our lives. Because it is up to us to make our life what we want it to be. And I know I can’t have my life be an office, a mundane job, a happily never after. It’s enough to make any sane woman drown her sorrows with one too many Vicodin and a little too much whiskey.

For all I know, heaven may or may not exist, and either way, we only get to do our lives once. I want to look back on our life – yes, the life our two hearts built together – I want to look back on it and say we were vagabonds, explorers, two beautiful and majestic wanderers truly experiencing the sights and sounds of this planet.

Yes, I want to get away with you. I want to discover the depths of the world. I want us to hop on a plane, a train, or even in an automobile and just go. And let’s never look back.

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