Second Chances

The skyline twinkled under bouncing stars and showed off its glimmer of fluorescents, LEDs, and milky street lights where souls could find solace from even the darkness within. And then I was just there – upon your doorstep, red bricks, red fire hydrants – red with the passion of so many nights past.

A Thank You Letter

With you, I had someone. A fellow snuggler, someone that would lend me a t-shirt and stick my towel in the drier to warm it up while I was in the shower. Someone that would wake me up, in both a literal and figurative sense. You opened my eyes to a new kind of love. With you, I found someone stable, someone good, someone beautiful.

Poetry Series: Love & Loss

With Christmas less than a week away, and the year coming to a close, I am reflecting on everything that these past months held for me. Heartache, triumph, growth, and so many other corny, but absolutely true things. I plan on spending the time I have off (from work and classes) reading and writing. For […]

Breakfast in Bed

I quite like the smell of your bed sheets, pairs of toes and fingers laced in silk. Hazel crystals of playful tenderness, they sweep me up into a mouthful of whispers.

New York

The currents of two human bodies, flesh and blood, but so full and bursting with love. And I remember how truly wonderful it was to be with someone, and just be. Under the cover of clouds and tangled branches, it seemed as if our presence in that vast space was intentional.