And Then She Left

We met when we were four years old. Just two little tots heading off to preschool – me in overalls and her in a white blouse and red skirt. Even at four, she was still much more fashionable than I could ever hope to be. We developed a friendship from that first day of preschool. […]

When You’re Dreaming with an Unbroken Heart

Throughout my life, I’ve encountered a variety of people that usually can be classified as the sensible versus the dreamers. Personally, I have never found any fault in a dream so long as something is done to make (or try to make) that dream or dreams come true. I value individuals that are dreamers, but […]

The Course of Hatred

It was nauseating. Looking at him. She hadn’t done it for years now – she refused to even acknowledge his presence because acknowledging him would only give him undeserved power. It couldn’t – wouldn’t – change what had happened so many years ago. He betrayed her trust, stripped her of her innocence, ruined an experience […]

I Will Love You

Love hard when there is love to be had. – Bob Marley I will love you because of the wonder you have brought to my life. You have filled my heart with such goodness and such happiness – so much so that my heart is filled to the brim with unconditional love. I will love […]

Up All Night

The end of Valentine’s Day is upon us. For the lovers, the cry babies, the rejected, the wilted, the jilted, the romantics, and the Hallmark holiday believers, we on the West Coast have less than two hours to embrace or disgrace this day. Your choice – I’m all about free will. Go with God, I […]