I Will Love You

I Have Found the One Whom my Soul Loves

Love hard when there is love to be had.
– Bob Marley

I will love you because of the wonder you have brought to my life. You have filled my heart with such goodness and such happiness – so much so that my heart is filled to the brim with unconditional love.

I will love you because of your toothpaste kisses. The ones you give me in the midst of mouthwash and foam, and it’s those very moments where I know there is nothing artificial about our love. You have let me in totally and completely, to the point where I have peeled back the layers, and I know I have found a truly beautiful person. Inside and out.

I will love you long after the sun has set on this Earth, long after the stars have faded, long after my heart bursts, long after forever ceases to exist.

I will love you when mountains crumble, when the ground quakes, and when life brings us to our knees. I will love you because you never give up on me. On us. And neither will I. Through the wreckage, through the rough days or months, I will cling on. I will love you because you are my shelter. My safety.

I will love you even when the word “love” has lost all meaning. Maybe we have a different term for love – you once told me “euphoria” might describe how we feel towards each other. I’m swimming through a pool of bliss, and I see no end in sight. There’s no shallow end, no side to latch on to, and given this situation, I will gladly drown.

I will love you because you are a dreamer. A traveler. A believer. And more than that, I know you will be the person that will help me build our dreams, establish our beliefs, and wherever we travel, wherever we roam, wherever we go, I know I am home. Because I am with you. There is no often in this, it’s always you. You are a dreamer, a traveler, a believer, but you are also my partner, my teammate, my best friend, my never-ending fairytale.

I will love you because of your foot rubs, because of your hugs, because you let me squeeze my toes in between yours when mine are cold. I will love you because of your sacrifice, your efforts, your tenderness – the kind that the world needs much more of.

I will love you because I can’t not love you. I never struggled, I never fought back – I simply let myself fall in love with you. From the moment you held my hand, the time you couldn’t resist kissing me, the staircase and my flowing dress and your smile and wide, laughing eyes, I fell in love, and I continue to fall in love every day. And so I have fallen, I have drowned, and there’s no going back. Nor would I want to. You brought a storm in, and I only want to play in the rain for the rest of my life. For the rest of forever. With you.

I will love you because you are my first thought when I wake up, and my last when I am drifting off to sleep. All I’ve ever wanted is to be close to you, I want relentless thoughts of you in my head, I want the world – or some part of it – to remember our love, and how remarkable it is. And always will be.

I will love you because you are my best memories, my happiest moments, my string of unremitting laughs and crinkled eyes. I see you everywhere I go. The trees in downtown Portland and the yellow in their leaves in November, the sushi bar open at 2 a.m. in Manhattan, the raindrops sliding down my windshield during my drive to work, in other lovers’ held hands, in their kisses, their embraces, I am only reminded of you and the way you make me shine. You set fire to my dull and waning heart, and I thank God every day that you found me and broke me in the best way possible. With your fire, you stirred my soul, and you shattered my heart into its own awakening. Thank you for that, and for so many other things. I truly believe a lifetime will never be enough to repay you for the countless ways that you have lifted me up and made me better.

I liked you because of your eyes, I love you because of your soul, your heart, all of the innards that make you you. I fell for you because of your smile, I fell in love with you because of the way you see the world. Because of the way you see me. Because you see me as someone who is beautiful, who is worthy, someone who you want to dance on your kitchen tiles with, someone who you want to fall asleep next to – day in and day out – and you’re more than happy with just those little things.

I will love you because of the way you love me. Endlessly, unconditionally, romantically, gently. Perfectly.

In this life and the next. In heaven, during our heaven on Earth, here and now, now and always, I will love you.

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