On Being Bullied

When I was younger, I was teased. A lot. With a seemingly extra long ugly duckling phase, I went through middle school with the typical “nerd” look (although I was a champ in avoiding anything remotely related to overalls): thick-rimmed glasses, blue-wired braces, a lack of any fashion sense – I was hot stuff. And […]

Welcome Me to D.C.

I have made it to the capital, everyone. Amidst the slight jet lag and outrageously cold weather, I have found myself lucky enough to get to spend a week in this absolutely gorgeous city. Forreal though – the architecture on the West Coast ain’t got shit on the East. And the décor in the buildings […]

On the Last Night

For Gavin. We kicked rocks along the sidewalk, they scattered out into the darkness. You gave me a piggy back ride home – the fuzz of my slippers brushing up against your thighs, my lips pressed against the back of your neck. And the night sky was clear for once – so clear we could […]

When You Hurt the One You Love

Speak when you are angry, and you will make the best speech you will ever regret. – Ambrose Bierce There was yelling. Screaming actually. Yeah, a lot of screaming. And a lot of it was coming from me. Harsh sounds. Violent words. I didn’t mean any of them, but it was unstoppable at this point. […]

A Day of Shoplifting

During my early teenage years, there was one brand sweeping the nation for both girls and boys: Abercombie & Fitch. It was all moose, errythang. The mannequins were draped in overly expensive clothing, fit perfectly to their size 000 bodies. I think even the male mannequins had six packs. Evidently the commandments of Abercrombie & […]