Welcome Me to D.C.

The White House

I have made it to the capital, everyone. Amidst the slight jet lag and outrageously cold weather, I have found myself lucky enough to get to spend a week in this absolutely gorgeous city. Forreal though – the architecture on the West Coast ain’t got shit on the East. And the décor in the buildings from restaurants to museums to even banks is truly wondrous – we really need to put more thought and effort into our structures, West Coast peeps. Not only that, but on my first full day here, I have already met the Chief of the Justice Branch of the Office of Management and Budget, spoken to three co-founders of start ups that are stationed at 1776, walked around the border (sadly) of the White House, got yelled at by a police officer to move aside for a motorcade, attended a presentation given by James Datri, the President and CEO of the American Advertising Federation, and ate dinner in the original restaurant that George Washington once spent the night at (Gadsby’s Tavern – check it out next time you are here – I know I can’t be the only one fascinated that they call their restrooms the Necessaries). All in all, not a bad start. Not a bad start at all. Step aside, Kevin Spacey – I am building my own House of Cards.

So what else will I be up to this week, you might ask (because obviously I am insanely fascinating). Well my faithful minions, the highlight of my morning tomorrow will be more than a continental breakfast, I can tell you that much. Perhaps I’ll swing by The National Press Club, meet a couple of Congress members, check out Ogilvy (hire me, pretty please!), become chums with Senator Barbara Boxer, tour the DNC, or meet the Undersecretary of Cyber Security at the Department of Homeland Security. And by that initial “perhaps,” I mean that I will be doing all of these things. I’ll be sure to do my damnedest to keep everyone updated on anything interesting that happens. Say if I take over Jay Carney’s job. Although to be completely honest, if I become Obama’s new press secretary, we can kiss this little blog goodbye – just tune for my sound bytes and press conferences. I mean, I’d be pretty famous, after all. But I would still keep you all in my hearts, my little minions. Because you know what they say, it’s lonely at the top, so just let me take you all with me, why don’t you?

And on the off chance I don’t become the new press secretary in the next couple of days, I will: 1) Still cherish and keep you in my heart, and 2) Keep you updated on the goings on of Capitol Hill.

And for those of you that may or may not know, I always look for opportunities to uproot my life. And just being in D.C. for a mere 36 hours, I can already tell you I can see myself building a home here. Politics and the news and current events have always fascinated the hell out of me, and to think, living here would mean I’d be in the center of it all. For the first time in a long time, I felt inspired today. And what better place to inspire change than our capital. I mean, I actually got chills walking by the White House for the first time in my entire life. And to be clear, the chills were not from the 20 mph winds that literally had turned this Californian into an icicle. No, these were those awe-inspiring kind of chills. The kind you get when you know fate or the universe or God or whatever you believe in is sending you a sign that maybe this is where you’re meant to be. Okay, maybe not the White House (right away), but you know what I mean.

And the chills kept coming as the day went on. It became colder, and I became more inspired. Maybe I’ll apply for the Presidential Fellowship Program, maybe I’ll pursue journalism, maybe Gavin and I will become a true power couple just like Frank and Claire Underwood (sans Gavin killing Kate Mara and sans me threatening to let a pregnant woman die), maybe we will simply move here and build a quaint home in a city that holds both of our dreams so dear. I’ve still got five more days to explore and learn, and I’ll be taking advantage of every second of this trip. Stay tuned, all – because “adventure is out there!

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