Mini Hiatus

Hello my darlings,

I am writing to you to let you know I will be on a slight hiatus for the next couple of weeks. I’ve been dealing with a medical emergency for the past couple of days. Updates to come, but long story short, I’m currently blind in my right eye and can’t stare at a computer screen for more than two minutes without feeling extremely nauseous (but I’m on the way to healing!) Staying strong, always.

In the meantime, don’t miss me too much. But I’ll be missing all of you.

Lots of love to you all. Thank you for sticking with me.


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  2. […] But what some people fail to realize is that sometimes, writing is a bitch. It doesn’t always come easy, and for whatever reason, I am suffering from a creative blockage right now. Probably because I mainly write from my personal experiences and lessons, all of which have been basically zero given the fact that I have been holed up in my house for the entire month of April. Thanks again for that, cornea. […]

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