A Letter to my 25-Year-Old Self

Birthday Dog

Guess what, y’all? My birthday is tomorrow! Turning the big 2-5. I know what Drake’s been talking about now – I’m really too young to be feeling this old.

Anyway, gifts of all kinds (specifically money and/or sexual favors) are welcomed, encouraged, and most likely going to be demanded.

But all kidding aside (okay, more like half kidding), I am excited for what my 25th year of life has in store for me. I’m hoping I learn new things, open myself up to new experiences, and take more chances.

Dear 25-Year-Old Sam,

You are officially a whole year older. How does it feel? I mean, you should be feeling fairly excited – you can legally rent a car now! Straight gangster, if you ask me. Plus, another year should mean additional amounts of wisdom, right?

At the very least, I hope you learn more. I hope you learn to take risks, and learn that failure is a part of life, and accepting that you may have failed at one thing does not mean you will fail at everything. They say that those that take the most risks are the happiest in their lives – so be daring and bold enough to pursue your passions. Yes, the ones that live outside of those office walls. Do not let work be your life. That’s what an MBA is for, am I right?! But seriously, don’t resort to being the “good” girl – I can’t remember who said it, but didn’t someone say “all the good girls go to heaven, and bad girls go everywhere?”

Just remember though, just because you are another year older doesn’t mean you are by any definition, old. You are still extremely resilient. If this past year hasn’t proven that, I don’t know what will. And even though at times, you may find yourself realizing that life is not always how you pictured it, something better might just be right around the corner. Sorry for that slightly cheeseball moment, but it’s warranted, I think.

And I don’t think I need to tell you to love more freely. You always have been the moron to run in with your heart completely exposed. But be wary of those that will and have taken advantage of that. This year, don’t surround yourself with people who aren’t good for you. And definitely don’t surround yourself with people that aren’t good to you.

Jot down some goals for this year. You want to become a journalist – well, take the summer and submit your writing to different publications. Set both your sights and expectations high for yourself. And remember, don’t be afraid to fail. Rejection is a part of life. Sad fact, I know.

Power through this last year of grad school. The struggle could not be more real, I know, but you do have a great support system of wonderful girlfriends and your family to fall back on. Let’s be real here, sometimes we all need a little help. And sometimes we need a lot. And sometimes we need a steady IV drip of caffeine. Hey, maybe you can start producing that (the target audience being graduate students), and then get on Shark Tank, make a deal with Mark Cuban, and then you won’t even need your MBA! Although I think that’s pretty wishful thinking on our part.

Try and find peace in the little things. Try and find peace in those quiet moments where you are alone with your thoughts. I know it’s so easy to bring yourself down, but just don’t. Focus on the positive aspects of your life. Make 25 a great year. Remind yourself every day how lucky you are to have a core family unit that is nothing but loving, you have three amazing ladies in your life that have been your soul mates for most of your life, and at the very least, you have your senses, your limbs, and all of your abilities. Remember whenever you want to bring yourself down that there are individuals with circumstances far worse than you could ever possibly imagine. Pray for them, pray for your family, your friends, yourself. I know you’ve lost your faith over the past few years, but maybe now is the time to reclaim it.

Do not get bogged down my drama. And seriously, do your best not to create any drama either. Really, who needs it? You sure as hell don’t.

Find yourself in someone else – people always talk about losing yourself in someone else, but ideally, you should always remember who you are, and find someone that complements you. Find someone who has their own passions, their own interests, their own goals – find someone who lives out the meaning of independence on a daily basis. But know that you don’t need a man – or anyone, for that matter – to make your life complete. A man should just be the icing on your already delicious cake. God, did that sound sexual? I really hope not.

Do not be so quick to judge others. Just like you have your struggles, so too does everyone else. At the same time, don’t worry so much about others judging you. Haters gon’ hate, so play on, playa.

Audition for The Amazing Race. Come on, you and Nikki have always wanted to. Just go ahead and do it. #YOLO

Relax a little more. You don’t have to be on the go 24/7. Indulge in your guilty pleasures, and again, who the hell cares if people want to judge you for watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians whenever it airs?

Go a little crazy. I stress a little. Like I’m not talking about blacking out on the reg or going out pantsless in public (even though you’ve thought about it, do not do this – unless you’re in a dress or skirt, obviously). Dance more, sing more (maybe not so much in public unless you’re at a karaoke bar), eat more French fries. Okay, let’s be honest, you’ve never been a fan of French fries, so scratch that. Eat more (and subsequently, bake more) chocolate chip cookies. Because again, #YOLO.

Make your 25th year about you and less about other people. You will always have people that are going to love and support you. Be less afraid. Throw caution to the wind. And let’s carpe diem this year up.

Love always,

24-Year-Old Sam

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