Happy Birthday, Blog!


This past weekend, my blog turned one year old. They grow up so fast, don’t they? I never thought this blog would bring me to where it has brought me – let alone last a year, but I am so thankful that I drove myself to join aĀ  platform that let me put my creativity and voice on a public forum.

I know my writing can be random, controversial, and explicit at times, but I want to thank every single person that has decided to read anything (or everything) on this blog. And for those of you that were brave enough to follow me, I wish I could give each of you long, drawn out hugs. As an aspiring writer, the support (and maybe the attention) of others means everything to me. I cannot thank you enough for the time you take to read my words. I hope you find inspiration, laughter, love, and learning among them.

I can only hope that this second year brings more of the same, and I continue to grow as a writer. I hope you will stick with me for the rest of this journey. And I hope one day I can meet some of you in person. It would be my pleasure to take y’all out to coffee or tea or ice cream or frozen yogurt or Thai food or whatever. For me, you guys aren’t just with me when I’m logged in to WordPress, but you’re with me whenever I’m creating a new piece, whenever I’m brainstorming new content, and whenever I’m putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, in this case).

Here’s to all of you – my family, friends, loved ones, and total strangers. And here’s to many more years of writing. I’ve got mad love for all y’all. Cheers!


  1. Happy birthday to your blog šŸ˜‰ keep it up!!

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