My Brain at a Justin Timberlake Concert

Justin Timberlake

To celebrate our two year anniversary, my boyfriend decided to spoil me and take me to a Justin Timberlake concert. Now for any normal human being, this would be a great gift. But for me, a woman that has faithfully loved JT for the past 16 years, this gift was BEYOND HUGE. (That’s what she said.) And to top it all off, Gavin purchased the VIP package, which meant we were given lots of swag, including a free t-shirt, early admission to the venue, a free program (so that I can continually ogle over the amazingness that is Justin), a poster (again, for ogling), admission to the backstage party with a buffet dinner, and fifth row seats. FIFTH freakin’ row, y’all. Being that close meant I could actually see the sweat on Justin’s forehead. It also meant that he could probably see me crying as soon as he came on stage. I mean, I’ve seen the man in concert at least six other times (including his N’Sync days, but nothing compared to this).

The following is my overly descriptive experience of what it is like attending a Justin Timberlake concert, up close and personal:

It’s 6:15 p.m. The VIP lounge and party is open from 6 to 8 p.m. – JT goes on stage at 8:30 p.m. There is no opening act because Justin Timberlake needs no introduction. I may pee myself I am so excited. Not to mention I decided to wear high heels to this soiree, meaning evidently both my feet and bladder will suffer.


6:30 p.m. Gavin and I have parked – and now we are on a hunt to find the VIP check-in table. Ridiculously long lines at the entrance, but where on earth is this check-in spot? All I see are those radio station tables set up, encouraging us to take pictures with a cardboard cutout of Justin. Listen lady, if it ain’t the real thing, I’m not interested. And no, Wild 94.9, I do not want to take a “quick snapshot” to be featured on your website. Because that will inevitably mean a picture of Gavin and me with a big watermark plastered over our faces, and I simply do not have time for that because it is now 6:35 AND WHERE IS THE GODDAMN VIP TABLE?! There is a serious lack of signage. I will write a strongly worded letter to someone about this.

White ChicksAfter talking to three different security guards, we have made our way to the check-in table. Clearly we are just blind because it was directly behind the general entrance. Although to be fair, the general entrance was a tad overcrowded with people waiting in line. Oh, and that random group on the corner of the sidewalk with signs about Jesus saving us all – unless you’re a sinner, because Jesus hates sinners. It’s the most ironic thing to me that those individuals that claim to be the most religious are also the most judgmental hypocrites that walk our sin-laced planet? Regardless, no amount of yelling or sinning for that matter is going to get in the way of me seeing, what my aunt has labeled as my “first boyfriend.”

With tote in hand and swag in arm, we are finally being escorted in. Which can only be a good thing because I plan on buying at least fifty t-shirts from the merchandise center and then overeating at the buffet dinner. I mean, isn’t that the whole point of a buffet anyway?

6:50 p.m. So I ended up only buying two t-shirts – actually three – one for Gavin, two for me. But wait, they have women’s boy shorts that say “sexy back” on the rear – I must have those. Sadly, Gavin has already dragged me away. Bye-bye, boy shorts. We could have had some fun times together. Whatever, in about 90 minutes, JT and I will be bringing sexy back – boy shorts or no boy shorts.

We made it to the party, y’all!

Gavin and Sam - JT Concert

Can you see our VIP lanyards? We are totes awesome.

Holy crowd, Batman. The line for the buffet is ridiculously long, and my feet are already starting to hurt. Make better choices next time, Sam. At least in terms of footwear. There are two women sitting at a table in the lounge area – both on their phones and both looking utterly bored. And I am utterly confused. How can you possibly be bored on a night like this?! I can’t even…

Gavin and I have both scarfed our food down. And met the nicest couple that came all the way from Qatar to visit California and see JT in concert. Now this is my kind of couple. Although sadly, I have yet to meet another that has hit my obsession level. I only really started listening to him after his FutureSex/LoveSounds album was released, the husband tells me. Well sir, one album does not a true fan make. I have loved this man through thick and thin, including the days of the JT Fro. I’m not sure exactly what happened there, but he was still ridiculously handsome amidst the hair and all. I mean really, I used to have this picture plastered on my bedroom wall:

JT Waterfall

It’s 8:25 p.m. We are settled in our fifth row seats. And by settled I mean I am constantly squealing into Gavin’s ear out of sheer excitement. I really am lucky that he loves me. And that he is a JT fan, too.

And suddenly, the lights are dimming, the stage is set, and a shadow is illuminated on the backdrop. I’d know that silhouette anywhere. The signature slicked back hair – and my only response is to start screaming. Oh, and then he actually came out on stage. And I couldn’t help but start crying. Yes, my ultimate fan girl moment. I was eight years old again, stuck in my 25-year-old body. JT opened with Pusher Love Girl – holy shit, I think he just made eye contact with me. GAVIN, DID JUSTIN JUST LOOK AT ME?!?!

Katy Perry

Pretty much.

Intermission time. Ten minutes. Definitely not enough time to run to the restroom. Just enough time to actually sit down for the first time all night and give my feet a break. I’m this close to throwing these heels away and going barefoot. Really letting my freak flag fly, I know. Then again, the man next to me smells a little (and not in a good way), which now has me questioning everyone’s hygiene in here. So the shoes are staying on.

JUSTIN IS BACK! OHMYGODOHMYGOD. He is so handsome I may pass out. Wait what’s coming up on stage…? What is that? A PIANO. He’s going to play the piano. He is so handsome I may pass out.


Sweet baby Jesus…

Last song of the night – it’s the one I’ve been waiting for. The one Gavin has been waiting for, too. Because it’s our song. JT closes the concert with Mirrors. At this point, there’s maybe a half of a percent of me that is happy for the concert to end, only for the mere fact that we can dash to the car and I can get these bloodsuckers formerly known as my cute, black heels off. And while I’m not going home with the man I’ve loved since I was eight years old, I am going home with the man I have been in love with for the past two years. And the man I will continue to be in love with for the rest of time. It is the perfect ending to a perfect night and an even more perfect anniversary.

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