Remember Me

Remember MeI wrote this for a certain someone that I lost recently – mainly through my own undoing. But I pray that he will never forget and instead, always remember. Always.

Promise me this,
here and now.
Even if we are called in different directions,
Even if we drift apart,
Even if the wind blows you one way,
And I another,
that you will not forget to remember me.

Do not forget the love that we shared.
Do not forget how you
shaped my heart and healed my wounds.
I shall not forget how you filled
my empty life with such living,
If you promise not to forget
the scent of my perfume on your pillow.

Do not forget the way
my eyes caught the morning sun,
for I will not forget the way
those particles of dust
floated through the air so gracefully,
only to land between our warm embrace.

Do not forget the uniqueness of our love.
For I shall remember all of the times you stayed.
You put me back together,
And for you I would wait forever.
Do not let our solitude separate us.
Do not let our desperation dismantle us.
For it was you who saved me,
And I who fell into your arms.

Do not forget my echoes,
long after I am gone.
For I will always remember
the tenderness of your voice.

For even if the wind blows,
And now  matter how far apart we drift,
Say you will remember our love.
Say you will remember me.
Because for you I would wait forever.



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