I wonder if we could run away,
Drive until the land and sky become one.
A blurring of greens, blues, and pinks,
Our headlights unite our past and present.
They illuminate the future we could have,
We should have,
One we have cowered from for far too long.

We could lengthen our legs,
Live boldly; love bravely,
Hand in hand.
Your toes grazing mine
As we make bounds and leaps,
The canyons of our lives
Seem so small when you stand next to me.

I hear my laugh in your smile;
I feel your touch in the tips of my fingers,
I see my future in your eyes,
And even through the tiniest cracks,
The light has always shone down upon you.
For I am tired of remaining in the darkness of such a lonely bed;
Of such a lonely land, and such an empty sky.

Come – find me, adore me, take me.
Hand in hand, side by side.
For your soul fits with mine alone.
Let us dwell in every sunrise and every sunset,
A blurring of greens, blues, and pinks.
We lengthen our legs, chase the headlights,
And we run.


  1. Love it as always!

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