Second Chances

Second Chances

The leaves crunched beneath me,
kissing the black cement,
caressing the Earth in fragments,
in broken bits that stuck to the
soles of my feet.

I will always remember the electricity
pulsing amongst what was once
pure nature – pure green, blood orange,
Mediterranean blue – untouched,

The skyline twinkled under bouncing
stars and showed off its glimmer of
fluorescents, LEDs, and milky
street lights where souls could find
solace from even the darkness within.

And then I was just there –
upon your doorstep, red bricks,
red fire hydrants –
red with the passion of so many
nights past.

I was looking for a reprieve.
The haven that no street light
had ever granted.
Salt stained my eyes;
it was composure I was in search of now.

Composure and caution;
I had patched my heart together,
setting each Lego piece with such
a steady hand that it was truly
a most beautiful surgery.

I was nearly as silent as the Earth’s
subtle breath, felt the heart pendant you had
given me so long ago press into my skin.
But really, it was you that became permanent indent.
Your eyes – blue to grey – on that December night.

My heart faded to black,
Guilt, shame, bruises – my own afflictions.
I am all apologies for how contagious I was.
But you open the door – blue eyes that leave me swimming,
The wind pierces the warmth of my wrists.

My hands are in yours –
your weary eyes are much lighter now,
like street lamps guiding me home,
the familiar comfort of your voice,
Come back to me.

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