Poetry and Things

Long after I am gone, I hope my writing still exists.

Pillow Talk

Sometimes I get a little down and dirty when I write.

The Key

Surely and sweetly, with the faintest of whispers, I will unlock your heart.

In the Aftermath

Together the world lays before them, through an entire puzzle of randomness and an insatiable stupidity that can only be found in the curves and sinews of another’s being. Each in a secret competition – for in love, we all want to the claim the prize of greatest lover. Best sensation. Utmost inspiration.


I wonder if we could run away, rive until the land and sky become one. A blurring of greens, blues, and pinks, our headlights unite our past and present. They illuminate the future we could have – we should have, one we have cowered from for far too long.