From the Passenger’s Side

For most of my life, I never thought I would experience love, but now all I have to do to feel it is shift my gaze to the left. He is breathtaking, and what we have makes me contemplate what the word beautiful means. He hums the lyrics to me – and even though the song has been overplayed on even the stations of static, to me, they are whispers of sweet nothings – a melody that he has composed solely for my ears.

Between Us

I never wanted to walk through hell alone; in the fire, I longed for someone to burn beside me. Perhaps it is cliche of me to say that he had been there all along, and now I was the one destined to leave.

Paper Airplanes

I saw them drift past the cathedral, heard the bells toll for 4:30 mass, and thought that if we were higher than the church itself, we must somehow be closer to God. Two happy hearts, living in scuffed-soled shoes above our one-mile radius world.

And It Is Beautiful

The night beckons us. We digest the city, and are left hungering for another taste. It is more than concrete; it is midnight and powder – the minerals of yellow lights, and a cerulean desire to blanket ourselves in golden sands. The moon is dancing, and it is beautiful.

Just More Poetry

Just me, practicing poetry. More like attempting. The usual. Hope you guys enjoy!