And It Is Beautiful


The day is still.
We swim in the sea of cloudless skies,
letting the ocean spray cradle
the ivory houses and sapphire roofs.
Our world is cobalt;
your eyes ultraviolet,
they are searing,
but they are beautiful.

The night beckons us.
We digest the city,
and are left hungering for another taste.
It is more than concrete;
it is midnight and powder –
the minerals of yellow lights,
and a cerulean desire
to blanket ourselves in golden sands.
The moon is dancing,
and it is beautiful.

Somewhere along the landslide and slopes,
we fabricate a home out of hills.
And how high we rise.
Somewhere above the clouds,
we watch whales dive,
and darling, don’t you know,
we are nothing but forevers and fiery hearts?
As predictable as rainbows after rain,
we sing such ravishing love songs.
And it is enough to splinter my steel heart
into such beautiful bits,
that I believe you are a god among men,
and you are beautiful.

It is beautiful.

We are beautiful.

And you, and you, and you –

you are beautiful.

– Samantha Prasad

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