Between Us

From the very beginning,
I knew I could share every
last one of my secrets with him,
for his and mine are the same.
“Let me help you,” he pleaded.

“Why?” My tears met his eyes.

“Because you have been
through enough.”
His hands held mine;
he traced the lines of my palms,
and I could sense he wished
we had met years before.

I know,
because I felt it, too.
I never wanted to walk
through hell alone;
in the fire,
I longed for someone
to burn beside me.

Perhaps it is cliché of me
to say that he had been
there all along,
and now I was the one
destined to leave.

He was the last person
I ever wanted to say goodbye to;
my mind could barely fathom
the idea of never looking
into those eyes again.

“I’m not letting you go
until you leave.”

But maybe the thing he failed
to realize is that I have never
known how to let go of him either.
I don’t know that I ever could,
or that I ever will.

For our love is so
beautifully tragic in all of
its unending mess that
distance be damned because
I think there will always
be something between us.

– Samantha Prasad


  1. beautiful poem indeed.. really beautiful..


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    Between Us – Thoughts Of A Twenty Something Year Old

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