Love the One

Gavin and Sam

Love the one that has mended your broken wings, that has transformed you – liberated you. The person that sheds gold flakes that inspire envy among the stars. The one that is a god among kings.

The one that encourages you to rebel, crawls with curiosity, dances with torches of fire and flies with phoenixes.

Choose a love that renews you. That can burrow beneath the shadows of your heart and ignite you with color from the inside out.

Fall in love with the person that will whisper secrets while you are lip to lip, kisses that free any chains of doubt.

Find a person such that the both of you can transcend the wicked, make a home in the wild, where you can unravel and bathe in vanilla, hazel, and orange.

Build timeless pyramids, share the smoke of mountains, and photograph the lava of volcanoes.

Love the one that stirs the inferno of your soul. That lets you grow like redwood trees, that lets you ignore self-control.

Bask in the presence of one that will swing from your heartstrings and make you brave enough to question the universe. One that does not heed your apologies – one that will be an unconditional lover. An immortal forgiver. Love the one that discovers.

Curl up with the one that can paint Braille on your arms, that will brush your spine with shivers and sweat.

Love the one that will be sincerely yours, that needs neither time nor space, and knows that forever reassures. Love the love that is eternal.

Love the one that endures.

– Samantha Prasad


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