On a turbulent day such as this one,
I let myself dawdle in my surreptitious fantasies.
They uncoil in the synapses of my lustful brain
like tumbleweeds caught in a sandstorm.
I find myself dancing around carmine flames
beside the fire pits strewn along starlit sands,
and singing your name to an ultraviolet moon.

Darling, you see, your love has driven me quite mad,
but I cannot help entangle myself in my muse.
I want to live with you in fields of sugarcane and
unkempt flowers, where this universe of fire and ice
can leave us uninterrupted in our bed of leaves and dew.
I can only hope to pass through the summers and
springs with you, sipping on sweet tea and apricot seeds.

Yes, it is only through my mind that I can live out
this life with you. And what wild things we are.
Roaming the streets of Paris and the hills of Tuscany,
only to get lost in our universe of dreams.
Here is where we grow ivory orchids and spread
our toes on the edge of everything that is holy and fertile.

With you I stretch free from the hands of Fate;
I can arch my back and be swept away in the poetry
of your voice and the winds brushed with
rumors of a timeless love.
I can paint the whiskey on your breath and distill
myself in the vapors of your whispered breaths.

Because my fantasies, love, they nourish me.
With eyes closed and my lungs filled,
I breathe in every satisfaction that you offer.
Everything between us that remains unborn,
that is kept in such a colorful grey matter.
On a turbulent day such as this one,
I carve our initials into old tree trunks;
I catch myself inhaling a heliotrope afterglow,
and I count the days of our lives on my knuckle lines,
Each indent a dream my marrow stows.

– Samantha Prasad


  1. Addison Taylor says:

    Love this!

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