Earlier this week I visited the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington, D.C. that commemorates fallen officers. Below is are a couple of pictures that I took as well as a poem I wrote as I walked through the memorial to honor these brave men and women. Hope you enjoy.



How fierce we must be to survive in this world.
Full of fervor and knighted in ardency.
With claws as dense as steel, we unwrap cement,
cherishing the ones that have taken an
early leave among the rubble and stone.

Here lives lie in petals and ornate carvings.
And I, I am overtaken by what remains
in the lettering my fingertips trace.
The flesh on the back of my neck rises in Braille,
and I feel at peace, here among
broken ground and still waters.
I kiss the names of the sacrificed,
and exit under ivory archways.

At the core of humanity, we are animals.
We are lions. Lionesses.
Brave. And bold.
Noble when we rise;
delicate when we fall.
But oh, how fierce we are.

– Samantha Prasad

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