St. Thomas is a beautiful island, filled with colors and harmonies of birds, fish, and wildlife. My week here has been nothing but relaxing and sunkissed beauty. Here’s to new travels, new places, and new experiences. After all, adventure is out there!

St. Thomas

I could live like this. In the sweat and solstice sun over the Atlantic. I could stay like this. Chasing rising moons and the heat of the night. Listening to the beat of the wind and that hummingbird’s song.

Drunk On You

We had a way of acting drunk without ever actually being it. There was just something about you, I think. Something that made my pupils dilate and my skin warm with beads of sweat that dotted my cheeks like staccato love notes. Maybe it was your bluebird kisses and honey speckled skin, or the alchemy that made you forever young, my love.

Wild Heaven

Carry me away on Orion’s belt and let me slow dance on the rings of Saturn, melting ice like whiskey fire. They can have my insecurities, the flaws, the darkness that the sky’s soul holds. I am building pyramids above the horizon – some sort of eternity that will hold time still and guide the hands of ticking tower clocks to Neverland.

Even in Love

I used to have a very specific image of what my life was going to be like: snow, East Coast, New England architecture and a house littered with cocoa hues and a pathway that I would walk through hand in hand with that man in a blue suit and his neck warmed by a grey scarf.