Even in Love

Even In Love

I used to have a very specific image of
what my life was going to be like:

Snow, East Coast, New England architecture
and a house littered with cocoa hues
and a pathway that I would walk through
hand in hand with that man in a blue suit
and his neck warmed by a grey scarf.

I would turn back and see our footprints
moving side by side in the ivory powder,
and I would know I found my soul’s dwelling place.

That is what I had thought for years.
But sometimes, the picture has to change.
It’s forced. There is a shift in the space
time continuum and things that should be
now never will be.

I have left the hand that held mine
in the snow, and as hard as it’s been,
I know that even in love, we have to let go.

– Samantha Prasad

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