Wild Heaven

Wild Heaven

I keep my head in the stars.
I want to hear my voice echo against the dying sun
and the twinkling moon.
Caress fireflies and lightning bugs and soar
on a supernova.
Bend the cosmos to reflect rainbow light and
magnetic prisms to another dimension.
Carry me away on Orion’s belt and let me slow dance
on the rings of Saturn, melting ice like whiskey fire.
They can have my insecurities, the flaws,
the darkness that the sky’s soul holds.
I am building pyramids above the horizon – some sort
of eternity that will hold time still and guide
the hands of ticking tower clocks to Neverland.

Maybe it will never be enough.
Maybe because I can never possibly get enough.
I want wild herds of comets and asteroids,
an anchor to Venus and the lakes of Mars.
Bring me to the shorelines of the universe,
the fringe of forever.
For I do not need wings to fly.
I will crawl inside of a cannon;
shoot me up somewhere near wild heaven.

– Samantha Prasad


  1. This is gorgeous 🙂

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