Sour Patch Smiles

We waltz into the late afternoon, feet up on teal chairs and eyes under chandeliers of fans. Linen tablecloths, linen napkins, out in the terrace room. Two of a kind, the perfect team. We are a Monday kind of King and Queen.


There are not many people that we come across that we have an instant connection with. But once in the bluest of moons, it happens. It’s not a movie cliche, it’s not cheesy, it’s not even romantic – it is pure magic. I believe in angels and miracles, and they are both typically found in the eyes of another. So when you meet that person that just does it for you – that someone that knots your stomach and flushes your cheeks, and that feeling never goes away, it’s not happenstance. There is a reason behind everything. Trust in the universe.


I truly believe bringing a new family member home awakens a new part of your soul. One that is in serious need of some fur and fluff.


There are days, still, even days like these – bright, burning, and blue – where I sit in the back of the Escalade with the trunk wide open, staring out at sawdust and cement, at old power tools that I will never use, and I imagine a different kind of life.