Hazel eyes abundant with curiosity,
fade in and out of dog dream sighs.
You fight sleep so hard,
your polar bear paws flail at the air,
catching imaginary butterflies and bumble bees.
Nothing but a bundle of cream colored fur,
you are warm with love and canary yellow.
It is only our second day together,
but you color my world with almondine and baritone barks.
My heart is so full for you, little one.
I cannot stop snapping polaroids when you
nip at my toes or when you pull at my pajama pants.
Baby teeth, baby face –
you are a relic of freedom.
You are frantic and frazzled and frolicsome,
you sniff candles on the stairs and lick at the wax,
welcome to my home and world, my little Jax.

Yes, it is true. Yesterday I brought home the newest member of my family. Born on May 13, 2015, Jax is just over two months old. And possibly the cutest labrador puppy ever. I am so overwhelmed with love for him, and cannot wait to see him grow.

If any of you have tips on labradors, please let me know! Any and all advice is welcome! And you have my undying thanks in advance!


  1. so cute!! If you ever need doggy help- let me know!

  2. He. Is. SO. CUTE!!!!

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