Sewn Shadows & Rib Cage Nectar

Photographer: Laila Talpur

Photographer: Laila Talpur

The clouds hung heavy with autumn air this morning.

The last summer cherries stifled the air with their crimson blooms.
And I longed for more.

Dimples dipped into the corners of my mouth like dark sea star shadows on the shoreline.
I will have to remember this feeling.

When life is far harder than it is now.
When the spools unravel and the salt settles rather than crystallizes.

When gravity levels even the ocean floor.

I will inhale the sweet nectar of this morning.
Coat my rib cage with its juices.

I’ll wonder what my hands would look like as paws,
and convince myself that we were made to run on four legs.
To be faster and leave our shadows to be sewn to our wishes rather than our wild.

Because maybe it’s that simple.

A part of me thinks that, at least.

That maybe our lives unfurl the way they do for a reason,
and we go through all of this chaos and dark nights questioning the stars
all so we can swim through the calm once again.

So maybe that’s it then.

Maybe we should live more deliberately and love a little more delicately.

And maybe we can carve our rock candies into diamonds.

And maybe happiness is a choice, after all.

  • Samantha Prasad

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