Just Yesterday

It was freezing this morning, and for whatever reason, it had me thinking about New York. And how it snowed in Central Park, such a brilliant white. I almost fell numerous times, and tree branches sparkled in the morning mist. Up and down the avenues we ventured, our breath dissolving before us. It took everything in me not to start a snowball fight with you – a spontaneous burst, like fallen stars and angel aura quartz. Clusters of flakes beneath Christmas trees of December 26. The paths were carved with flannel footprints and ice kisses. A piano playing softly when you took me into the Trump Building. And we scarfed down turkey burgers and ate so many sweet potato fries. And I couldn’t help but think what a sweet memory this would make someday.

One Lovely Blog Award

So unbelievably thrilled that Kara has nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. This girl is a true inspiration – traveling around Europe, taking chances, being brave. She is living out everything I hope to do one day soon. Check out her incredible experiences and beautiful words at From This Side of the Sun.

Rainbow Reflections

I have always been drawn to color. My eyes love the glamor and glitter, watching rainbow reflections in the rear view mirror of a summer day. I used to collect paint palettes as a kid, flipping through Easter egg pastels and matching the pinks to the flush of my cheeks. Soft corals and sweet lavender. I have always been drawn to the blues, the greens, the purples. Darker colors of mystic. Of dragons and gypsies. Colors of unpredictability and mystery.

Where the Wild Things Are

I love this time of year. Poetry stirs deep within my bones. Inspiration does not flock with the southern birds, but chirps a sumptuous legato. Bitter tannins seep from fruitful bark even in the embrace of the howling wind. And I remain outdoors just to watch the clouds part for a blood orange moon – a jack-o-lantern sky painted with purple stars and frozen breath.