You admitted me to more than once – I’m pretty sure I’m crazy.
But the universe is full of strangeness. Insanity. Madness.
I’ve always been odd, too.
Like Mercury’s elliptical orbit and Jupiter’s icy percussion.
Like gravity and silly string, we have found a way to connect.
Don’t you know those fairytale stories are real?
Mermaids swim in the sea.
Witches and wizards live on more than spell scrolls.
And every legendary diamond is birthed from volcanic coal.
The world is fraught with oddities, my dear.
We are no exception.
Planes that fly too low and leave clouds of
chemicals in cigarette smoke trails.
Broken champagne bottles and manic musings.
Discussions on the fountain of youth.
Aliens on Mars. Aliens on Earth. Dreaming in spaceship coupes.
Kaleidoscope colors light the sky after storms.
Primrose pixels and marigold plumes.
Black beauty mustangs and magnolia fields roam.
Plucking Nelumbo from dewy ponds and decorating the reddened Earth.
I’ll admit to you now, we are not cursed –
We are simply the ones sprouted wild since birth.

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