This Place

All I need to hear sometimes is just an “I love you.”
God, if you feel it, how I wish you would show it.
Because maybe you do not understand
how much and how hard and how deep I feel.
I need to be kissed under sunshine and raindrops.
Know skin upon skin even on nights when the stars hide.
I cannot be the woman that always gives you an excuse.
My always never worked out before anyway.
I have grown weary of standing still.
I only ever wanted another to chase the moon with me.

Forgive me, please, for saying this now.
It has rushed out of me.
Uncontrollable prose and bouquets of lilac and baby’s breath.
You asked me to fall in love with you.
I remember very clearly the night you told me, ever so boldly,
“I will love you.”
Where is that man now?
I long to be with him again.
Maybe that part of you is filled with feathers and flight,
and you are somewhere south for the winter.
I only wish you would have taken me under your wing.
For I cannot stay in this place where stars hide and birds never sing.

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