The Edge

The Edge

It hit me hard. Hearing that you were engaged to someone else. I still have that diamond ring you had given me five years ago. In that little black box – I keep it in a brown paper bag on the top shelf in my closet. But that’s not really the point here.
In some ways, it feels like another lifetime. And in others, I am back on that high school dance floor, the last song of the night, and I am letting you kiss me. Warm and thrilling.
I had no idea what I was doing.
No idea.
I just knew that, very much like tonight, I was living on the edge. Running wild and free falling like tumbleweeds under a night of stars and swirls.
You tasted like licorice. And swallowing butterflies. I had channeled so much concentration into the way my lips were moving that I barely heard yours whisper I love you.
We were just kids then. So much has changed since that night. And as I sit watching the sun melt into earthy cliffs, I realize how much I want that feeling again. That feeling that even when things are falling apart, they are falling into all the right places. That the world is not such a menacing place. That dreams and magic live, not just live in the mind.
Please understand, it’s not so much you, but I want a resurrection of my very own. To rise up. Tiptoe on the brink of a revolution. Breathe in the fire of a goddess that knows sky and sun and sea. Living on the edge. Living free.


  1. I really enjoyed this…

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