A Saturday in Santa Cruz

He rescues me in ways he doesn’t even realize. With his warm voice and sweet kisses. Like harmony and honey. I watch the Ferris wheel along the boardwalk spin round and round. A colorful pinwheel surrounded by the scent of pink cotton candy and kettle corn. We are belly laughs and rose gold cheeks. I cannot fully describe this feeling in my stomach. Something like joy and nostalgia and I’m looking at him and realizing he is my future.

Shooting Stars & Neon Lights

I adore the East Coast summer nights. We connect constellations and scatter stars across our skin. In this other life I have with you. We walk, hand in hand. Spend Sundays writing love notes on Post-Its, tucking them into each other’s jean pockets. We love our love in letters, lists, and lightyears. In this other life I have with you.