Wild Horses

It has been said that most of us, in fact, are wild. There’s a part of us that still sits unmined. There’s a piece of our soul that still commands stardust, is still locked in the heavens, that part of us that has been described as fire. As hurricanes. Warm and disastrous. We have both the power to weave and the power to unravel. The floods follow us, not the other way around.

We are wild horses, ardent embers, flaming whiskey. We sting, we roam, we gallop.

Mustangs were given their name from the Spanish term mustengo – a “stray”, an “ownerless beast”. That’s how humanity started, after all. Skyscrapers and cement did not corral us; we used to be surrounded by nothing other than the air our lips could touch and the gravity that centered us.

You have always been okay like this, you know? I have always been okay like this – on my own. On your own. Unveil yourself to a new day, and let the bloodthirsty sun drink you in. Embrace your divinity – we are molded by the hands of spirits, aren’t we?

Find your pack, find your herd, but choose you. Over and over again. Be feral, whether young or old. Even if you don’t find all of the answers, you don’t need all of them anyway. We’ve never needed everything to survive. In fact, it’s a miracle we are even here at all. So whoever tells you magic isn’t real is wrong. It’s okay to be a little chaotic. To be insatiable in your will and your want to live. Let pain wash through you, but let joy wash over you. The obstacles you encounter, the tests you face – it’s all to channel the greatness that lies within. Crash. Explode. Burn. Shine so damn brightly it’s frightening.

You do not need permission to run. We do not live to be tamed. So roam, burst forth with your voice, your gallop, your story. Make the universe still at every step you take. Don’t wait for your life to begin or it never will. Whatever happens to you can only happen if you let it. We are meant to be heard. Mustangs stomp their hooves into the dirt to make their mark; you need only stomp your heart into the earth to call it art. Every maddening moment, every wild breath, every approaching storm, it’s a good place to start.

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