Pinocchio’s Strings

Most unfortunately, in the lives of puppets, there is always a ‘but’ that spoils everything.
– Carlo Collodi, Pinocchio

Bring me along.
You know I’ll follow you.
I love the way words sound
spilling between your lips.

They say love is blind.
It’s true — I can’t see the bite marks.
I don’t notice the venom
infecting my bloodstream.

I’ll trust anything you say.
Walk right off of the cliff,
and believe you when you say
you’ll catch me at the bottom.

You let me think I have wings.
That I can fly into your arms
and drink those spilled words.
Silly girl, can’t you see those feathers are strings?

Even cloud nine rains every now and then.
But I love how the puddles reflect your eyes.
Let me come with you —
blindly lead me to water.

Yes, bring me along.
I’ll remain ignorant.
Don’t cut this off yet.
Just keep stringing me along.

– Samantha Prasad

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