What Victory Feels Like

It’s the sound of handcuffs locking around his wrists. It’s the cops taking him away. Far, far away. For years and years. God, yes, it is the sound of handcuffs. It is calling Gavin, calling Ashli. It is sharing the news that is nearly two decades late. But better late than never. It’s knowing I’m going to be okay. We are all going to be okay.

The Edge

It hit me hard. Hearing that you were engaged to someone else. I still have that diamond ring you had given me five years ago. In that little black box – I keep it in a brown paper bag on the top shelf in my closet. But that’s not really the point here. In some ways, it feels like another lifetime. And in others, I am back on that high school dance floor, the last song of the night, and I am letting you kiss me. Warm and thrilling.


I genuinely hope everyone takes the time to read this piece. More than any other I’ve ever posted.

What Depression Really Feels Like

To be clear, depression is not really a distinct kind of sadness, but more of a numbness. Like walking on shards of broken glass and not giving two shits that your feet are being sliced raw. Or not really giving two shits about anything for that matter. That and beginning to realize that everything around you is incredibly irritating. Nails against a chalkboard irritating.


The world is fraught with oddities, my dear. We are no exception. Planes that fly too low and leave clouds of chemicals in cigarette smoke trails. Broken champagne bottles and manic musings. Discussions on the fountain of youth. Aliens on Mars. Aliens on Earth. Dreaming in spaceship coupes.