St. Thomas is a beautiful island, filled with colors and harmonies of birds, fish, and wildlife. My week here has been nothing but relaxing and sunkissed beauty. Here’s to new travels, new places, and new experiences. After all, adventure is out there!


I think I will make my home in the backbone of damp soil, misty with river reflections and carmine bricks. Stacked in the heart of a coral valley, I will spend my mornings brewing Nantucket coffee grounds, stirring in a tad too much sugar. Brown, not white. I love the way brown sugar crystallizes. Like a Connecticut sun on autumn leaves.


Here lives lie in petals and ornate carvings. And I, I am overtaken by what remains in the lettering my fingertips trace. The flesh on the back of my neck rises in Braille, here among broken ground and still waters. I kiss the names of the sacrificed, and exit under ivory archways.

Commentary: Why Fox’s Series Empire is Taking Over

Empire has found a way to illustrate black culture in a manner that has drawn in a multitude of ethnicities, with 62% of its viewers of African American descent. It is the first time, in a long time – in my humble opinion – that a show did not seek out to please the masses (yet is somehow doing so), but rather it has targeted underserved audiences. Empire is a total paradox. A juxtaposition, if you will.

Poetry Excerpts

Although it’s that time of year where we all feel a little extra grateful, we could use a whole lot more of that all year round. You know what else I could use? Some freakin’ inspiration. I’ve had a wee bit of writer’s block for the last couple of days, but below are some excerpts […]