Phoenix Rising

So I’m publishing a book…

Fool Me Once

Stunned by rabid wolves and deafening howls that even the purple moon succumbs to a crescent. Frosted trees once enchanted by glistening flakes from heaven are now withering into wiry branches that cascade over opaline ground. The crunch of burning and bountiful leaves. Overgrown gardens of Eden and overcrowded closets to Narnia. Ripped t-shirt pockets and black hole hangers.


No one could figure her out, and yet, she was unnervingly simplistic in everything she did. She would fold paper lanterns just to set them on fire – watch them burn against the horizon’s dying light. And with a curated whisper she would let those skyfires satiate her wanderlust, for her feet could never stand still.

Survival of the Fittest: Handling a Broken Heart

Break-ups are no one’s friend. Especially when the love that ends is one that has coursed through us so deep we have forgotten how to swim and are more than okay to drown. And we cannot simply turn off our love – we have to let the hurt course through us just as that love did.

Pieces of Me, The Heart of Him

The flush of her skin as she breathed the tonic air – it satiated him, surrounded him, as the moon is by millions of exploding stars. No, darling, she was no commonplace thing – he knew the universe must have fallen in love with her, for how radiant her lips look stained by the sun.