Just A Dream

We went to a charming café last night. The evening was fraught with fireflies and indigo stars. We sat beneath an ivory awning laced with velvety moss. Ordered two cappuccinos – the barista shaped the milk so a heart cascaded over our espresso. He must have known we are in love.


Darling, you see, your love has driven me quite mad, but I cannot help entangle myself in my muse. I want to live with you in fields of sugarcane and unkempt flowers, where this universe of fire and ice can leave us uninterrupted in our bed of leaves and dew. I can only hope to pass through the summers and springs with you, sipping on sweet tea and apricot seeds.

When You Have a Dream about Your Ex

I’m not going to dignify his behavior with a response. I’m not even going to leave him one of those angry answering machine messages: “Hi, it’s me, you’re a dick,” but it sure felt good saying it right now. –          Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City Last night I had a fairly startling dream about […]