Drunk On You

We had a way of acting drunk without ever actually being it. There was just something about you, I think. Something that made my pupils dilate and my skin warm with beads of sweat that dotted my cheeks like staccato love notes. Maybe it was your bluebird kisses and honey speckled skin, or the alchemy that made you forever young, my love.

Sea Strung Sailor

Let me disavow my anchors, and set forth on wooden pleats of cherry and oak. I will stumble with the rising tide and cure my wanderlust eyes that yearn to dance with the Northern lights and the pirouette of Polaris.

The Storyteller

It is through novels and my rambling feet that I can experience far more lives than the one I have been granted. Dear humans, we used to be so free. We used to wander and wonder – when did we allow four walls to trick us into believing we are home? We have the key to set ourselves free from a prison fraught with familiarity and certainty. We must be okay with turning brass doorknobs and breaking our knotted roots. We must be okay with leaving.


She longed to be Icarus, taken by the sun, crack frost melted, lifted through a canopy of trees. She was gentle, airy – beautiful – as the heavens and Earth, a gypsy’s heart, a lonely soul.