April Cherries, Summer Vineyards

It feels like one of those quiet afternoons in July that drip molasses and honey from rustic windowsills of brick and barrel. Breadcrumb trails and leftover cheese line the crevices like pixie dust and pirate hooks. My hair is sticking to my balmy lips; a light wind cradles the vineyard hills – a mother and a womb of grapes of purple and black.

The Sky

Last night I witnessed a pocket watch sky. With every passing headlight, the hands of time led me back to childhood. Clouds of cotton candy swirls. Sticks of spun sugar that my lips longed to taste. Bonbon stars and a confectionary moon.

Giving Thanks

2014 was am extremely difficult year for me – probably the hardest of my 25 (almost 26) years of life. However, I had some people by my side, and they deserve a bunch of giant hugs and kisses and endless amounts of thank you’s. While I am keeping them anonymous, each of the following paragraphs are individual thank you’s to the people that supported me through 2014, and that I am carrying with me through 2015 and beyond.

Sister, Sister

For my sister who is leaving for Italy in a couple of days. I’ll be seeing you by the end of this year, sis. Until then, I’ll be missing you. I was three years old when you arrived. I still remember sitting in that oversized, itchy fabric blue chair in the hospital, holding you. Wrapped […]