Begin Again

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We sat in a café, drinking coffees far too large for our faces, but fitting for our eyes. You gave me the bigger half of that chocolate chip cookie, too. Even in the beginning, you were a candy-cane-Christmas-morning kind of sweet. You opened the passenger door of your car on our first date, in that tan and turquoise dress, you helped me into your Xterra, and I felt the electricity exchange between our fingertips.

Highway Hearts

I often wonder about the reasons why people are on the road late at night. For some, it’s the quiet, for others, it is to coax the dark places of their soul, for if the sky can hide behind the stars, perhaps it’s okay for us to do so, too.

Heaven’s Heartache


I awoke from an afternoon nap. My immediate thought was of you. The air waltzed with particles of my burnt candle oil – purple orchid – and sunlit dust particles. The rays hung low in the sky – I knew dusk was upon me. The stars would blink their eyes soon and their crescent mother would cast its shadow on cherry blossoms and strawberry fields.

Survival of the Fittest: Handling a Broken Heart

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Break-ups are no one’s friend. Especially when the love that ends is one that has coursed through us so deep we have forgotten how to swim and are more than okay to drown. And we cannot simply turn off our love – we have to let the hurt course through us just as that love did.

The End of All that I Knew


I can still remember the first time he introduced himself to me. We shook hands – which seems absolutely ridiculous when I think of what we were and maybe still are to each other – and I could feel the static cling between us. I felt my lips part slightly when he repeated my name back to me.