Wild Heaven

Carry me away on Orion’s belt and let me slow dance on the rings of Saturn, melting ice like whiskey fire. They can have my insecurities, the flaws, the darkness that the sky’s soul holds. I am building pyramids above the horizon – some sort of eternity that will hold time still and guide the hands of ticking tower clocks to Neverland.

Heaven’s Heartache

I awoke from an afternoon nap. My immediate thought was of you. The air waltzed with particles of my burnt candle oil – purple orchid – and sunlit dust particles. The rays hung low in the sky – I knew dusk was upon me. The stars would blink their eyes soon and their crescent mother would cast its shadow on cherry blossoms and strawberry fields.

Paper Airplanes

I saw them drift past the cathedral, heard the bells toll for 4:30 mass, and thought that if we were higher than the church itself, we must somehow be closer to God. Two happy hearts, living in scuffed-soled shoes above our one-mile radius world.


She longed to be Icarus, taken by the sun, crack frost melted, lifted through a canopy of trees. She was gentle, airy – beautiful – as the heavens and Earth, a gypsy’s heart, a lonely soul.