I think I will make my home in the backbone of damp soil, misty with river reflections and carmine bricks. Stacked in the heart of a coral valley, I will spend my mornings brewing Nantucket coffee grounds, stirring in a tad too much sugar. Brown, not white. I love the way brown sugar crystallizes. Like a Connecticut sun on autumn leaves.

Second Chances

The skyline twinkled under bouncing stars and showed off its glimmer of fluorescents, LEDs, and milky street lights where souls could find solace from even the darkness within. And then I was just there – upon your doorstep, red bricks, red fire hydrants – red with the passion of so many nights past.

All of a Sudden I Miss Her

As I’m sure some of you know, this past week and a half has been a pretty tragic one. And although it’s incredibly unfortunate to say, sometimes it’s the saddest and lowest moments in life that make us remember what who is most important in our lives. And maybe it’s even a little more tragic […]