25 Things I’ve Learned in my 25th Year

In exactly two weeks, I will be turning 26. I have this habit of always doing a self-reflection of sorts right before my birthday. Analyzing what I’ve learned over the last year – or just reliving past shenanigans. That sort of thing. So apart from frantically worrying about what kind of healthcare I will receive now that I know longer can be on my parents’, I bestow upon you a list of things that I have learned over this past year.

Playing Cards Against Humanity with Your Parents

I quickly realized, however, that the problem with playing this game with your parents – no matter how liberal and “cool” they are – is that you discover that your dad knows terms like smegma (dear Lord..) and your best friend does not (and then has to proceed to Google image it) and your mom continually has to ask clarification questions like what exactly is queefing and can someone explain what gloryholes are.

Structuring Your Life around Buzzfeed Quizzes

We’ve all done it. We see the round, green icon labeled “QUIZ” and the next mouse click is inevitable. We all need a break during our workday or school day – so we navigate over to Buzzfeed, and the next thing we know, we are determining if we truly are a Hipster or not. I […]