Sea Strung Sailor

Let me disavow my anchors, and set forth on wooden pleats of cherry and oak. I will stumble with the rising tide and cure my wanderlust eyes that yearn to dance with the Northern lights and the pirouette of Polaris.

For My Mother, with Love

She is a goddess of motherhood and soothes like tender chamomile. She molds my Play-Doh dreams into brick houses that arch to the sky. And with her hand holding mine, we build bridges of full lives of coral and copper sands, where she teaches me of womanhood and wild independence like only the fiercest mother can.

Find Yourself

Look for yourself in window reflections and broken glass, when you crawl through the cities and scratch your nails against cobblestones. Hunger to know yourself inwardly and outwardly. Rise like a phoenix and sprout wings of fire. Rage against the moon, and see the world through eyes of rose and topaz.