The world is fraught with oddities, my dear. We are no exception. Planes that fly too low and leave clouds of chemicals in cigarette smoke trails. Broken champagne bottles and manic musings. Discussions on the fountain of youth. Aliens on Mars. Aliens on Earth. Dreaming in spaceship coupes.

Sewn Shadows & Rib Cage Nectar

The clouds hung heavy with autumn air this morning. The last summer cherries stifled the air with their crimson blooms. Dimples dipped into the corners of my mouth like dark sea star shadows on the shoreline. I will have to remember this feeling. When life is far harder than it is now. When the spools unravel and the salt settles rather than crystallizes. When gravity levels even the ocean floor. I will inhale the sweet nectar of this morning.


There are not many people that we come across that we have an instant connection with. But once in the bluest of moons, it happens. It’s not a movie cliche, it’s not cheesy, it’s not even romantic – it is pure magic. I believe in angels and miracles, and they are both typically found in the eyes of another. So when you meet that person that just does it for you – that someone that knots your stomach and flushes your cheeks, and that feeling never goes away, it’s not happenstance. There is a reason behind everything. Trust in the universe.


There are days, still, even days like these – bright, burning, and blue – where I sit in the back of the Escalade with the trunk wide open, staring out at sawdust and cement, at old power tools that I will never use, and I imagine a different kind of life.

St. Thomas

I could live like this. In the sweat and solstice sun over the Atlantic. I could stay like this. Chasing rising moons and the heat of the night. Listening to the beat of the wind and that hummingbird’s song.